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GeoArrow is an in-memory data structure for storing vector geospatial data and associated attributes. Lonboard uses GeoArrow internally and is the primary reason why Lonboard is fast.

There's a burgeoning ecosystem of Python libraries that use GeoArrow directly. Creating Lonboard Layer objects from GeoArrow tables is the fastest way to visualize data, as no conversions are needed on the Python side.


geoarrow-rust is a Python library implementing the GeoArrow specification with efficient spatial operations. This library has "rust" in the name because it is implemented based on the GeoArrow Rust implementation.

from geoarrow.rust.core import GeoTable, read_geojson
from lonboard import Map, PathLayer

path = "/path/to/file.geojson"
geo_table = read_geojson(path)

# Assuming the GeoJSON contains LineString or MultiLineString data
layer = PathLayer(table=geo_table)
m = Map(layer)

Refer to the geoarrow-rust documentation for more information.