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Command-line Interface

Lonboard includes a command-line interface for quickly viewing local data files.

The CLI is accessible either through the lonboard entry point or via python -m lonboard the latter can be useful to ensure that the lonboard instance you're calling is the same as your current python environment.

> lonboard --help
Usage: lonboard [OPTIONS] [FILES]...

  Interactively visualize geospatial data using Lonboard.

  This CLI can be used either to quickly view local files or to create static
  HTML files.

  -o, --output PATH   The output path for the generated HTML file. If not
                      provided, will save to a temporary file.
  --open / --no-open  Whether to open a web browser tab with the generated
                      map. By default, the web browser is not opened when
                      --output is provided, but is in other cases.
  --help              Show this message and exit.

For example:

lonboard data.geojson