DevSeed Hits SOTMUS Boulder


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We’re sending a delegation to State of the Map US this week in Boulder. We’re a proud sponsor of the event, and pleased to take part and contribute to the worldwide collaborative mapping community.

We’ll be presenting on a number of topics throughout the conference. We’re also co-hosting a happy hour with Mapbox, from 6:30–9:30pm Saturday, October 21 at Sanitas Brewing.

  • Ian will discuss the tremendous power robots have to aid in OpenStreetMap’s goals and workflows. Robots will never replace mappers, but can supercharge their efforts, helping humans work faster and produce more accurate results.Humans and Robots Making Maps Together, 10:40am Friday, October 20 in Byron North.
  • Olaf will present the Rural Accessibility Map (RAM) with Li Qu from the World Bank. RAM vastly lowers the barrier for accessibility analysis by calculating accurate travel times to crucial services, at scale. An initiative by the transportation team at the World Bank, the tool will help planners make better-informed decisions about road investments. Rural Accessibility and OSM, 11:30am Friday, October 20 Byron South.
  • Marc will give a Lightning Talk on feedback mechanisms in mapping — how we measure, evaluate, and make better mappers — for humans and machines. Clean Data is Great Data, Lightning Talks — Community, 2:00pm Saturday, October 21, Byron North.
  • Anna and Seth will conduct a workshop on collecting data in the field through small-group exercises, addressing questions such as how we collect, analyze, and publish geospatial data, and deal with data that’s not in OSM. Collecting Data in the Field, 1:30pm, Sunday, October 22, Byron North.
  • I’m on the SOTM Organizing Committee and will be available for questions.

Alireza, Matt, and Marc will also be attending the Earth Analytics in the Cloud Day hosted by AWS this Thursday.

We hope to see you this week at SOTMUS! Follow us throughout the conference on Twitter. If you’re at the conference hit us up @lauradrewgillen, @ianschuler, @oBirdman, @kamicut, @ascalamogna, and @sethdvincent to chat or grab a drink.

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