Mark Wronkiewicz joins Development Seed


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The Wronk is here! We’re thrilled to have Mark join Development Seed. Mark will support the machine learning team by helping put machine learning pipelines into production. He will build out core infrastructure and tools related to our open machine learning projects.

Mark is hardwired to explore his curiosities. As an academic, he stays on top of scientific literature to understand the current research landscape, in order to apply those findings to his engineering goals.

At the Yayoi Kusama exhibit in Seattle. At the Yayoi Kusama exhibit in Seattle.

Before joining Development Seed, Mark worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Washington, Seattle, where he also received his PhD in neuroscience. His research there focused on directly applying findings from the basic science side of neuroscience to neural engineering, honing in on the most relevant brain regions for brain-computer interfaces — devices that allow someone to interact with the environment purely by thinking. He’s also researched and worked on computer vision for detecting skin cancer, used graph-theory to characterize connection patterns in the mouse brain, and written code for a brain-controlled iPhone game.

Mark is an outdoorsman and enjoys backpacking, biking, and climbing. When he’s not outdoors, he’s designing and 3D printing art and jewelry.

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