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Alireza is a backend engineer and data processing expert at Development Seed. He is experienced in building complex, asynchronous processes for managing, processing and understanding large-scale datasets such as satellite imagery, ground sensors and election results.

Alireza architects cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Heroku to build fast, powerful, scaleable web platforms. He builds Python and Node applications for processing and publishing large data sets. Alireza maintains and contributes to a number of open source projects, including: landsat-util, sat-utils and osmlab.

Alireza has managed international development projects for a large development organization and understands what it takes to make technology work in the most challenging environments. Alireza has a background in information technology, mining engineering and journalism. He received his masters in information technology from Virginia Tech and his B.A. in journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park. Alireza is fluent in Farsi.

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