Matt Hanson

Matt Hanson is a Development Seed alum.


Geospatial Imaging

Matthew has been a student of imaging systems since the age of 10. Starting with science fair projects on optics and holography he picked up a Canon film camera and started down the road of all things imaging. Silver halide and chemistry led to densitometry and photonics, then to digital image processing, fascination with human visual processing, machine vision, and then remote sensing and geospatial data.

Matthew has a B.S. in Imaging and Photographic Technology, and a M.S. in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. With a career spanning applications in aerospace, agriculture, climate change, and public health, his life and passion is split between science and engineering. Now as an open source developer and advocate for open software and data, Matthew is contributing to growing the scientific knowledge base of humankind.

A New Englander at heart, Matthew works from his home along the Seacoast in New Hampshire where he enjoys all that the seasons bring: Alpine and Nordic skiing in the winter, cycling and motorcycling otherwise, board games and classic Dr. Who when the weather is foul.

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