Join the team & make a better planet.

We're looking for mission-driven individuals eager to address some of the world's most challenging problems.

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Open positions

  • General Application


    Don’t see something that fits your skillset right now? Submit a general application anyway. We are always eager to connect with people who would be a great fit for the team.


Our benefits

We want people to thrive at Development Seed. We believe you do your best work when you feel your best.

Why Choose Development Seed?

  • Impactful Work

    Engage in work that makes a real difference
  • Autonomy

    Enjoy flexibility in how you work
  • Inspirational Team

    Motivated, diverse, mission-driven colleagues and a culture of open collaboration and shared decision-making

Total Rewards: A Comprehensive Approach

  • Competitive Compensation

    Fair and transparent pay aligned with our mission.
  • Health & Wellness Across Geographies

    Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans with equitable benefits across all locations.
  • Paid Time Off & Wellness Leave

    Substantial vacation policies, sick and parental leave for work-life balance.
  • Professional Growth

    Robust budget for personal development and innovation labs participation, with active participation in forging your career path.
  • Remote Work Support

    Flexible schedules, co-working space reimbursements, and a well-equipped remote worker setup.
  • Community Engagement

    Opportunities to attend conferences and a strong focus on open source projects, enhancing skills and community impact.
  • In-Person Gatherings

    All-Hands meeting and team-specific gatherings to foster collaboration and connection.
  • Financial Security

    Geographic-specific pension contributions, 401(k) plan and profit-sharing bonuses.

Our Compensation Philosophy

  • Building the Best Team

    Attractive pay structure to recruit diverse top talent
  • Rewarding Fairly

    Pay based on contribution and impact
  • Transparency & Feedback

    Open dialogue about compensation and performance

We believe that solving complex challenges depends on diverse people coming together for a shared goal

How we work

  • Healthy expectations

    We're remote friendly, because wonderful teammates can come from anywhere. We have 3 offices, and trust that people will use the offices or work from elsewhere depending on what works best for them.

    It’s not a strict 9 to 5 workplace. Team members can work hours that fit their schedules allowing for collaboration with peers and clients across time zones. We're always improving how we communicate across time and distance, and do our best to respect the working hours of everyone in our wide-ranging set of time zones where team members live.

    We give clear guidance on minimizing notifications from services like slack and github, including turning off notifications during non-work hours.

  • Good ideas come from all of us

    Ideas that improve how we work and what we produce can come from anyone, and we trust each other to make decisions. With that decision-making power comes the responsibility of clearly documenting decisions before acting on them, as well as documenting the results of that work.

    We approach building the organization much like we approach building projects with our partners. We conduct user research to better understand the goals and challenges of team members.

    We scope out potential directions collaboratively, encourage input from the whole team, and build a vision for what we want to achieve together. We organize small teams to execute quickly on that vision.

  • Growth & learning is part of the work

    We actively examine how we work, what issues team members are facing, and how to best support and encourage the growth, confidence, and safety of everyone on the team. We use recurring 1:1s, mentorship, and learning plans to encourage personal and professional growth.

    Team members are encouraged to learn new skills, lead projects, and are given the space and autonomy to make decisions about their work. When possible, we form project teams in part based on the learning goals of individuals, allowing them the opportunity to learn while doing. We also have internal labs projects that can be used to try new things that advance the growth of individuals and the organization.

  • Diversity & inclusion

    We believe that diversity within our team is of utmost importance. With a diverse team comes a unique set of perspectives, talents, insights, and experiences. This makes our people, company, and tools stronger in how we can support our team, reach users and communities, and develop ideas. We believe the lack of diversity in the technology industry is a harmful problem that needs our attention.

    At Development Seed, we strive to make our diversity initiatives careful, long term, and intentional. We need to eliminate unconscious bias in hiring. We need to ensure that our workplace is supportive and inclusive.

Our team comes from diverse cultures and has different interests, but there are a few qualities and values that we share

Who we want to join the team

  • Collaborate

    Working as a team makes us stronger than any individual developer. You write clear Github tickets and communicate effectively on Slack and in-person.
  • Learn

    Our technology approach is dynamic, focusing on the most effective solutions rather than just current trends. In some roles we require knowledge of specific languages, frameworks, or tools if they're the ones that best fit the need, otherwise we want to see you demonstrate you're able and excited to learn new ways to build.
  • Create for user impact

    You create projects focused on both performance and maintainability. You write detailed documentation before, during, and after project implementation. You create projects with user needs in mind.
  • Care about the world and believe that we can do better

    Social change is the foundation of everything we do. You are impatient about solving the world’s toughest challenges.

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