Cloud Geo


Equip your scientists, analysts and decision-makers to work smarter, faster, and at planetary scale on the cloud.

Cloud technologies are changing how we understand the earth and share that understanding with others.

Why it matters

We remove the complexity of managing planetary scale data in rapidly changing cloud environments.

  • Geo-enable

    We help institutions manage massive data holdings on the cloud. We help to “geo-enable” their data, make it interoperable, and deploy systems that are useful across the organization.
  • Generate Earth insights

    We pioneer new models of generating earth insight in the cloud. We work the major cloud providers; with geospatial leaders like NASA, USGS, Mapbox and Maxar; and with end users like the World Bank to push what is possible.
  • Scale your team

    We build infrastructure for your scientists, analysts, and decision makers to scale their knowledge and impact. We help you navigate complex cloud services and formats, so you spend less time wrangling data and more time answering hard questions.
  • Cloud native geo

    We are pioneering new cloud optimized and analysis optimized formats that put the power of cloud data into pockets.
  • Accessible and Actionable Data

    Cloud data levels the playing field. It gives everyone access to the same pixels and the same resources to understand those pixels. We build open cloud infrastructure to lower the barrier to access.

How it works

See how our partners are tackling some of the worlds hardest problems with us.


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