Open Atrium and Managing News Acquired


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Open Atrium, our team collaboration portal, and Managing News, our pluggable news and data aggregator, have both been acquired by Phase 2 Technology, one of the largest Drupal product companies. Things are about to get exciting.

This acquisition graduates two of our products to a much wider market. Phase2 has unique scale and capabilities in the Drupal community that allow them to take Open Atrium and Managing News to new levels in terms of product support and adoption in large enterprises. This also creates more investment in a more interoperable approach to Drupal site building, which will help develop independent software markets. The resources that a team the size of Phase2 can commit to these tools means that the amazing community of developers and power users will also feel the wins of this acquisition.

Our choice to align with Phase2 was simple. We have been working with their team on projects for more than three years, first on the World Food Programme’s website and more recently on custom Open Atrium work for the White House and the Department of Education. Phase2 is serious about building products and understands where the support market for these types of open source products needs to grow. Their OpenPublish product line has made real inroads in the online news industry, and their OpenPublic package is going to become a go-to starter package for building government websites. If you’re interested in hearing the latest on enterprise support for these products, email [email protected] For the Drupal folks reading this, let’s get a drink together in Chicago. Look for me, Alex, and Jeff hanging around the Phase2 table. We’re excited to talk about the direction of Open Atrium and Managing News and share how much new work has moved on to Drupal 7 already.

This is an incredibly natural fit for us. We are an open source product development team. For Development Seed, this sale creates investment resources to push forward with our latest mapping and node.js work. The recent release of the TileMill map design studio is just the beginning. Keep an eye on our blog and our github account for more updates soon. We have big plans.

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