Week in DC Tech: President's Day Edition


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Happy President’s Day! On the heels of a long weekend for some, it’s a quieter week in technology events. Below are events that caught our eye, and you can find a full list of the week’s happenings over at DC Tech Events. Have a good week!

Wednesday, February 23

6:00 pm

Happy Hour and Startup Showcase : This month’s Hacker News event will showcase five new startups — Three Rides for motorcycle routes, Atombox for your GTD lists, Resume Everywhere, Stock Yoyo for investing advice, and mobile technology company Citrrus. Come out to hear what these companies are up to.

7:00 pm

Documentation Driven Development : Ever consider writing your documentation before you start to code? This meetup will feature a presentation on this development approach and how it can improve usability.

Thursday, February 24

6:00 pm

Social Gathering at Laughing Man Tavern : The newish hacks and hackers group — a mix of journalists and tech folks — will get together for a purely social event to get to know each other over a few beverages.

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