Relaunches: Same Hot Sauce, New Paid Support Service


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Phase2 Technology just announced full Open Atrium paid support service, and with it comes a hot new that we created together. This post gives a walk through of the new site that we worked on with Betsy and Karen from Phase2. Young led the site design, and I handled the illustration work.

We wanted preserve the vibrant, illustration-heavy style used on the old site, so we used that as a starting point and created custom graphics for each top level page on the new site. I’ve been responsible for the visuals behind the Open Atrium brand in the past, which had always centered around colorful stuff growing and exploding out of the Earth.

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This time around I wanted to revisit that same imagery, but expand it beyond the Earth image and give the whole aesthetic an extra layer of polish. The best part of my job is that I often get opportunities to dive into Inkscape and let my imagination go a little crazy. I definitely had fun making these banner graphics, all of which are used on the new

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Double clicking that .zip file is exactly like opening the greatest birthday present ever, right? Useful, looks great, and it’s free.

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Features are like fruit. You can pick and choose your own, or do some fancy engineering to make something new.

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What is Atrium? A magical bit of software built on Drupal. No better way to communicate that than with a big water drop.

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I always imagined each Atrium install as a celestial body, like a planet or asteroid. If is the Earth, then would definitely be the Moon.

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The maintainers of Open Atrium understand the inner workings of Atrium, so to illustrate that I depicted a cut away of the Earth, revealing the complicated layers under the surface.

It’s exciting to see mature as a project like this, and a lot of fun for me to continue creating the visuals for it as it grows up.

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