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TiTiler is a set of python modules whose goal are to help users in creating a dynamic tile server. To learn more about dynamic tiling please refer to the docs.

Users can choose to extend or use TiTiler as it is.

Default Application

TiTiler comes with a default (complete) application with support for COG, STAC, and MosaicJSON. You can install and start the application locally by doing:

# Update pip
python -m pip install -U pip

# Install titiler packages
python -m pip install uvicorn titiler.application

# Start application using uvicorn
uvicorn titiler.application.main:app

> INFO: Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

See default endpoints documentation pages:


The default application can be customized using environment variables defined in titiler.application.settings.ApiSettings class. Each variable needs to be prefixed with TITILER_API_.

  • NAME (str): name of the application. Defaults to titiler.
  • CORS_ORIGINS (str, , delimited origins): allowed CORS origin. Defaults to *.
  • CORS_ALLOW_METHODS (str, , delimited methods): allowed CORS methods. Defaults to GET.
  • CACHECONTROL (str): Cache control header to add to responses. Defaults to "public, max-age=3600".
  • ROOT_PATH (str): path behind proxy.
  • DEBUG (str): adds LoggerMiddleware and TotalTimeMiddleware in the middleware stack.
  • DISABLE_COG (bool): disable /cog endpoints.
  • DISABLE_STAC (bool): disable /stac endpoints.
  • DISABLE_MOSAIC (bool): disable /mosaic endpoints.
  • LOWER_CASE_QUERY_PARAMETERS (bool): transform all query-parameters to lower case (see developmentseed/titiler!321).
  • GLOBAL_ACCESS_TOKEN (str | None): a string which is required in the ?access_token= query param with every request.

Customized, minimal app

TiTiler has been developed so users can build their own application with only the endpoints they need. Using Factories, users can create a fully customized application with only a defined set of endpoints.

When building a custom application, you may wish to only install the core and/or mosaic modules. To install these from PyPI:

# Update pip
python -m pip install -U pip

# Install titiler.core and uvicorn packages
python -m pip install titiler.core uvicorn

These can then be used like:

import uvicorn
from titiler.core.factory import TilerFactory
from titiler.core.errors import DEFAULT_STATUS_CODES, add_exception_handlers

from fastapi import FastAPI

app = FastAPI()
cog = TilerFactory()
add_exception_handlers(app, DEFAULT_STATUS_CODES)

if __name__ == '__main__':, host="", port=8080, log_level="info")

Extending TiTiler's app

If you want to include all of Titiler's built-in endpoints, but also include customized endpoints, you can import and extend the app directly.

python -m pip install titiler.application uvicorn # also installs titiler.core and titiler.mosaic

These can then be used like:

# Add private COG endpoints requiring token validation
from fastapi import APIRouter, Depends, HTTPException, Security
from import APIKeyQuery

from titiler.application.main import app
from titiler.core.factory import TilerFactory

import uvicorn

api_key_query = APIKeyQuery(name="access_token", auto_error=False)

def token_validation(access_token: str = Security(api_key_query)):
    """stupid token validation."""
    if not access_token:
        raise HTTPException(status_code=401, detail="Missing `access_token`")

    # if access_token == `token` then OK
    if not access_token == "token":
        raise HTTPException(status_code=401, detail="Invalid `access_token`")

    return True

# Custom router with token dependency
router = APIRouter(dependencies=[Depends(token_validation)])
tiler = TilerFactory(router_prefix="private/cog", router=router)

app.include_router(tiler.router, prefix="/private/cog", tags=["Private"])

if __name__ == '__main__':, host="", port=8080, log_level="info")

More on customization