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A modern dynamic tile server built on top of FastAPI and Rasterio/GDAL.

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Source Code: developmentseed/titiler

Titiler, pronounced tee-tiler (ti is the diminutive version of the french petit which means small), is a set of python modules that focus on creating FastAPI application for dynamic tiling.

Note: This project is the descendant of cogeo-tiler and cogeo-mosaic-tiler.



Starting with version 0.3.0, the TiTiler python module has been split into a set of python namespace packages: titiler.{package}.

Package Version Description
titiler.core titiler.core The Core package contains libraries to help create a dynamic tiler for COG and STAC
titiler.mosaic titiler.mosaic The mosaic package contains libraries to help create a dynamic tiler for MosaicJSON (adds cogeo-mosaic requirement)
titiler.application titiler.application TiTiler's demo package. Contains a FastAPI application with full support of COG, STAC and MosaicJSON


To install from PyPI and run:

$ pip install -U pip
$ pip install uvicorn
$ pip install titiler.{package}
# e.g.,
# pip install titiler.core
# pip install titiler.mosaic
# pip install titiler.application (also installs core and mosaic)
$ uvicorn titiler.application.main:app

To install from sources and run for development:

$ git clone
$ cd titiler
$ pip install -e src/titiler/core -e src/titiler/mosaic -e src/titiler/application
$ pip install uvicorn
$ uvicorn titiler.application.main:app --reload


Ready to use/deploy images can be found on Github registry.

docker run --name titiler \
    -p 8000:8000 \
    --env PORT=8000 \
    --env WORKERS_PER_CORE=1 \
    --rm -it
  • Built the docker locally
    $ git clone
    $ cd titiler
    $ docker-compose up --build titiler  # or titiler-uvicorn

Some options can be set via environment variables, see: tiangolo/uvicorn-gunicorn-docker#advanced-usage

Project structure

src/titiler/                     - titiler modules.
 ├── application/                - Titiler's `Application` package
 ├── core/                       - Titiler's `Core` package
 └── mosaic/                     - Titiler's `Mosaic` package

Contribution & Development





Created by Development Seed

See contributors for a listing of individual contributors.