Development Seed Holiday Party 2011


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We celebrated the end of an amazing year last week with egg nog, several cases of beer and wine, and a barbecue feast from Rocklands. A homemade ornament contest and several heated rounds of foosball rounded out a spectacular night. Below are a few photos and you can see all the fun over on Flickr. A big thanks to Alex for photographing as usual! For some history, check out photos from our past holiday parties: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006.

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Dinner table

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Bonnie prepping the spread

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Eric’s all meat plate

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Jeff, Ian, DJ, Tristen, Saman, and Erica playing foosball

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Young, Jeff, and Alex

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Dave and Itir

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Ian and Eric

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Tom and Sean

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Saman, AJ, and Tristen

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Ornament of Dave, made by Tom

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Ornament of Eric, made by Nate

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The aftermath

What we're doing.