NodeDC Meetup Tonight at 7:00 pm


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Today — Wednesday, December 14 — starting at 7:00 pm at Stetson’s is the NodeDC meetup. These monthly meetups bring together developers to talk about node.js — the platform for building fast, scalable applications that we use for our data and mapping sites. It’s a great opportunity to share what you are working with in node.js, find out how others are using it, and get to know other developers in the city. Tonight there will be three lightning talks:

  • Ian will talk about how we deploy node apps here at Development Seed, flying through components like SSL, Upstart, Nginx, logging, and monitoring.
  • Will will talk about node-inspector, a browser-based node debugging tool that allows you to set breakpoints, step though code, and edit code while a process is running.
  • Ray Daly will talk about concept of TTD for APIs using node and hopes to get feedback from the group.

The NodeDC meetups are held once a month on the third Wednesday of the month, with next month’s on Wednesday, January 18, so mark your calendars. These meetups are open to everyone, with people of all levels of node.js and programming expertise welcome.

Check out for more details, and follow @NodeDC on Twitter for updates.

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