Welcome Alex Bush, cloud engineer, to the team!


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We’re delighted to welcome Alex Bush as cloud engineer to the team! Alex has broad experience engineering and deploying cloud native technology as well as working within the Azure ecosystem. He enjoys focusing on vendor-agnostic technologies and strives to deliver well-tested, rugged, and portable solutions. Alex is passionate about engineering solutions that solve real problems and improve processes.

Alex is currently contributing to the Pangeo-Forge project, a cross cloud provider service for the Pangeo geoscience community, to ingest and optimize big data for cloud based computing. The project aims to increase the amount of public geoscience data available on several major cloud providers.

Prior to joining Development Seed, Alex worked at the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) on a data platform for cataloging and exposing the organization’s data to aid in cross-departmental use of data and creation of new products.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys engineering-related hobbies such as designing new systems for his smart home and doing DIY projects.

Join me in welcoming Alex to the team! 👋

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Alex in his natural habitat halfway through rewiring his house.

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