Welcome Danny, technical people lead, to the team!


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I’m delighted to welcome Danny Bauman as Development Seed’s new Technical People Lead!

Of all of Development Seed’s accomplishments, I am most proud of the incredible team that we’ve built. I’m delighted for Development Seed to serve as a vehicle for this talented, passionate, and diverse group of humans to convene around problems that are worthy of their energy. As we’ve grown from 4 to 50 team members, building the best team is itself a full-time job.

Danny is focused 💯% on growing, supporting, and developing our team. He leads our staffing and recruiting strategy; designs advocacy and feedback structures; aligns the goals of team members and projects; develops a pipeline of top candidates through open source work; maintains and evolved our Playbook; and facilitates team engagement in engineering and design communities.

Danny is precisely the right person to do this work. He is an accomplished and thoughtful engineer who deeply cares about the humanity behind the products and those that build them. Danny has founded and grown software companies, has led product and engineering teams at Google and Microsoft, and led agile project management at a software agency specializing in mobile apps and IoT projects. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University. Throughout his work, he has consistently invested his energy into the teams that he’s led and worked with and instinctively prioritizes people, both builders and product users.

Danny calls Portland, Oregon home, where he lives with his wife, Heather, one big Great Dane, two cats, and three pet rats. He loves playing music, and among other things plays the accordion in a pirate shanty band. Danny and Heather enjoy road trips in a mini school bus that they renovated. They take the bus to the mountains or the beach or wherever the wind may blow.

Send Danny a hearty “Ahoy, Matey!” 🏴‍☠️ If you’d like to work with Danny, we are currently recruiting for Product Owner, Senior Designer.


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