Welcome Hanbyul, software engineer, to the team!


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We’re excited to welcome Hanbyul as software engineer to the team! Hanbyul is passionate about open data and the ways in which well thought-out interfaces can help people translate data on their own. She enjoys finding innovative uses for geospatial technology and building tools to empower the creativity of others.

Hanbyul is currently collaborating with RMI to update the Oil Climate Index project, a webtool for understanding the greenhouse gas emission impact of various oils and gases.

Hanbyul comes to Development Seed from the ACLU where she built digital projects highlighting civil liberty issues across the United States. Prior to that, she built easy-to-use map-making tools at Mapzen.

When not working, Hanbyul likes to hoard shape files from open data portals, explore different parts of Brooklyn, and crafting with mapdata. You can check out some of her map crafts on Twitter and Mapzen.

Say hi 👋 to Hanbyul on Twitter and welcome her to the team!


Hanbyul learning to skateboard 🛹

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