See you at State of the Map at HOT Summit in Heidelberg!


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Sanjay, Marc and I will be in Heidelberg this weekend attending State of the Map and HOT Summit. After a successful SOTM conference in the US, we’re looking forward to engaging the broader international OpenStreetMap community and share what we’ve been working on and get feedback. State of the Map is a time for us to take stock of our contributions to the community and evaluate our development roadmap. It is an opportunity for us to emphasize our continued investment in the OpenStreetMap ecosystem.

Observe is a cross-platform, offline field mapping tool for OpenStreetMap Observe is a cross-platform, offline field mapping tool for OpenStreetMap

In Heidelberg, we’ll talk about two of our most exciting projects — Observe and OSM Teams. They are both part of our larger stack of open source tools for setting up mapping workflows at any level. Observe and OSM Teams are our solutions to address some key needs of our partners working with OpenStreetMap data, and we are thrilled to be able to open them up to the broader OSM community.

Don’t miss our talks!

Before SOTM, Sanjay and I will attend HOT Summit. Some of our recent work with HOT enables the AI Assist pipeline for OpenStreetMap to ensure volunteer time is well utilized and improve the quality of the map where it’s most needed. We’ll attend several meetings and are excited to learn how other groups can benefit from this collaboration.

We’ll be in Heidelberg until Monday, and will be hanging out at the social events. Hit me up on Twitter or Telegram (@geohacker) if you’d like grab a coffee and learn more about our work.

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