Welcome Chuck Daniels!


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I’m thrilled to welcome Chuck Daniels to both the Development Seed and Cumulus teams! Chuck is a skilled data engineer and programmer and adds some serious technical chops to our infrastructure team. He’ll help expand our cloud infrastructure capabilities for data providers like NASA.

Chuck and I will work closely together on the Cumulus project, building towards a future of cloud-based scientific analysis by developing software for configurable data pipelines in the cloud. In particular, Chuck and I will work closely with our NASA partners who use Cumulus to manage the storage, processing, and distribution of their Earth science data.

Chuck considers himself to be a lifelong learner who regularly studies new programming languages and technologies. His current obsession is functional programming. When he’s not sitting at a computer screen, he is making his own cashew milk or nut butter, or living on the edge bungee-jumping or skydiving.

Join me in welcoming Chuck to the team!

Chuck, a Bozo at heart. Chuck, a Bozo at heart.

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