Join us at EcoHack this weekend


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Toxic algal bloom in Lake Erie

To address climate change and promote environmental justice, we need better tools to understand our changing planet. That’s why we are delighted to help host the DC EcoHack with WRI at the Mapbox Garage.

EcoHack is an event to bring together a diverse community of scientists, hackers, designers and others who want to tell stories and create tools to protect our environment. The event is open to people of all skill levels. As long you’re interested in using technology to improve and better understand our natural environment, we’d love to see you there.

If you’re in DC, register and come join us at the MapBox Garage in DC. Our friends at Mapbox are also hosting the San Francisco EcoHack and EcoHacks will also take place in Sydney, Cambridge, New York, and Madrid.

Drew and Marc will be using some of the time to work on landsat-util, an open source tool that makes it easier to work with open satellite imagery. We are also keen to help on projects using green energy investment data and tracking natural disasters.

Hope to see you there!

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