Heidi Jaafar

Heidi Jaafar is a Development Seed alum.


Finance + Operations

Heidi manages operations and finance for Development Seed. Heidi does all the behind-the-scenes magic that allows Development Seed to run. She oversees contracting, human resources, logistics, and accounting. Heidi is passionate about empowering organizations to focus on what they do well.

Before joining Development Seed, Heidi co-founded a company that assists mission-driven non-profit and for-profit organizations to develop financial and administrative systems, manage budgets and grants, HR benefits, audit compliance, and all the other things that too frequently trip up organizations focused on real world change.

Heidi knows how international development works. She has successfully managed multi-million dollar grants and contracts. Heidi has managed financial and administrative systems within non-profit organizations ranging from 2 to 2000 people. She has worked in headquarters and in field offices in ten countries.

Heidi is fluent in Arabic. She holds an MBA and BS in Financial Management from the Lebanese American University in Beirut and a Project Management Certificate from Cornell University.

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