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Working embed. US voters, find your polling location

In the US, and around the world, it can be confusing figuring out where you should vote and which races you are eligible to vote on. In the US, going to the wrong polling station is a hassle. This hassle can be prohibitive, particularly if you are disabled or rely on public transportation. In countries coming out of conflict, going to the polling station can be a brave and risky act. You’d better be at the right place when you get there.

Open data is helping to get voters the information they need to participate. By opening up data about voting locations and process, States can involve private actors, such as The Pew Trusts and Google, as partners providing accurate information about where to vote. The VIP (Voter Information Project) is an embeddable tool, based on an open source stack, that relies on an open API. This allows other groups to repackage and distribute this information to their audiences.

By opening up the data, States are no longer solely responsible for getting voters to the right polling place. Voters should be tripping over this information in every Google search, Foursquare check-in, community message board, and favorite blogs.

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