Hey there, designers.


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At Development Seed, design is not about pushing pixels or passing a perfect mockup to the next person. It is about truly understanding — and sometimes defining — a problem, working out a systemic solution with visual and interactive components. You will be brainstorming solutions with our strategists and turning them into sketches, websites, and data visualizations with fellow developers.

We build new ways to help people make decisions — impacting policies and creating transparency on all levels. We are hiring a designer who is a doer and a thinker, eager to join our mission.

You are:

  • an artist; you have a favorite medium to express your ideas, be it ink, paint, vector or gif
  • excited about the web, particularly how the representation of information on screens can inform people’s decisions
  • eager to work with data and the patterns it leads to
  • curious and hungry to learn new subjects and skills

You know how to:

  • ask good questions and get to the heart of a problem
  • illustrate abstract concepts and workflows in visual forms
  • use the right font and color at the right time, knowing that aesthetics is derived from your communication goal, the information, and the medium

Experiences with any of the following will be a plus:

  • Web maps (such as a map made with MapBox Studio)
  • Responsive web frameworks
  • Git
  • D3.js for visualization (bar chart counts)
  • Static site generation (Jekyll, Flask, etc)
  • SASS

But don’t let any of that scare you. If your design chops are good, we will work with you to tech up on everything you need to know.

To apply:

Please send your portfolio site, and links to three projects, to [email protected] with “Designer” in your subject.

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