MapBox at Fourth Annual WhereCamp PDX


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I am excited to be participating in the 4th annual WhereCamp PDX event this weekend in Portland, Oregon.

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WhereCamps are unconference style events that draw a diversity of people interested in creative tech around mapping and the web. We’ve reported in the past from WhereCamps in San Francisco and DC. This PDX event is the second longest running after San Francisco thanks to the leadership of Anselm, and Portland is a town rich with innovators in the mapping space which will surely make the event amazing.

I’ll be talking about the latest developments of TileMill, our map design studio. The project is rapidly developing and unconference sessions are a great place to trade ideas and think through bold new steps. I am pleased to see that one of the organizers, Rafa Gutierrez, has already proposed a session on “TileMill show and tell”. This echoes a great theme of talented TileMill users, like James Fee, leading forward thinking discussion on where mapping tools are headed.

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