Dane Springmeyer

Dane Springmeyer is a Development Seed alum.



Dane is a geographer at Development Seed. He works with the latest open source technologies to solve problems in advanced cartography and data visualization. He programs in C++, JavaScript, and Python and brings a deep knowledge of spatial data and web development to all his mapping work. He enjoys teaching and running workshops on open source tools.

He’s a lead Mapnik developer, a charter member of OSGEO, a founding member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and in his former position as principal of dbsgeo.com worked on a range of projects leveraging new technology to address social and environmental problems and aid in disaster response and recovery.

Dane holds a bachelor’s degree in geography and environmental studies from Middlebury College and was a 2003 Thomas J. Watson Fellow in Ornithology. He has worked in the fields of conservation science, plant ecology, and high altitude mountaineering. If he’s not in the office, he’s likely out kayaking in the Puget Sound or climbing on Mt. Rainier’s glaciers.

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