Week in DC Tech: October 10th Edition


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As usual there are a lot of technology events happening in Washington, DC this week, ranging from startup pitches to cloud unconferences to discussions on how crowd sourcing should be applied to disaster response and international development. Below is a recap of our picks for the week, and for a full calendar check out DC Tech Events.

Tuesday, October 11

8:30–5:00 pm

CloudCamp DC : Do you have ideas on the direction cloud computing should be headed, or technologies and ideas it should adopt or test out? Then check out CloudCamp, an unconference where developers will exchange ideas on how to make cloud computing better.

9:00 am — 5:00 pm

Distilled Intelligence : 55 startups will pitch to a room full of investors and entrepreneurs in the hopes of securing angel or other funding for their idea. Check out the list of participants, and sign up if you’re game.

6:30 pm

Intro to R : Want to find out more about the statistical computing language R? Come out to this meetup for an introduction to it and see some examples of what you can with it.

Wednesday, October 12

5:30–7:00 pm

Crowdsourcing and Social Computation in International Development : George Washington University is hosting this discussion on how crowd sourcing can be used in international development, discussing both its potential benefits and pitfalls and the always stellar example of how it provided emergency communications services and mapping resources after Haiti’s earthquake.

6:00 pm

Hacker News Meetup : Do you read Hacker News or promote your favorite articles and tools there? Go meet other participants at this meetup where folks will talk startups and technology, give demos, and get to know each other.

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