Videos of Presentations on, Managing News, and OpenPublish


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At Monday’s Drupal meetup in Washington, DC we had a stellar line up of presentations, and thanks to Will White were able to record them all. Below are videos of each presentation.

Dave Cole, Macon Phillips, and Nick LoBue from the White House New Media team talked about moving to Drupal, what’s coming next with the website, and how they’ll be contributing to the Drupal community.

Alex Barth presented on our news and data aggregator Managigng News, going over what the platform is, what is can do, and how you can access and extend it.

Jeff Walpole from Phase2 Technology gave a talk on another Drupal distribution — OpenPublish — which is Drupal tailored to meet the specific needs of online publishers. Jeff talked about who is using it and also explained the roadmap from version 1.6 to version 2.0, due out before DrupalCon San Francisco.

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