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UPDATE: The full article is now available online.

Open Atrium is featured in the December issue of Linux Magazine as a tool that facilitates group communication and collaboration. In the five page article, Marcel Gagné looks at how Open Atrium can be used for these purposes and gives an excellent and very thorough look at the functionality that comes with Open Atrium out of the box.

“Open Atrium is simply beautiful and beautifully simple. As the administrator, you can define one or more groups, invite users, and let them get to work. The groups inhabit spaces where they share information, documents, events, and more. Every person who logs in can access the cool Dashboard tool to monitor group activity at a glance begin.”

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The article is a great resource for anyone getting started with Open Atrium. In addition to the overview of what Open Atrium can do, Gagné walks through in detail how to install it on your server, how to set up groups, projects, and its other features, how to add users, and how to tweak out your admin settings. And we’re excited to see that he found it useful.

“Open Atrium is a fantastic example of what you can create with intelligent design (the real kind), a finely tuned Drupal installation profile, and a touch of style. To be part of that ongoing design, be sure to join the Open Atrium community to offer your expertise, contribute code, suggest improvements, or ask questions. With Open Atrium, you can collaborate, chat, and share information with your group from the comfort of your browser, which can be anywhere, including the palm of your hand, making the server the new mobile app.”

The article is in the December 2009 issue of Linux Magazine. It isn’t available online, but you can order a digital subscription or trial subscription of Linux Magazine to access it.

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