See You at State of the Map US 2023


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  • Simplifying access to OpenStreetMap data for urban planning

    Friday, June 9, 2023, 12:05 PM ET
    Learning Commons 1201 - Civic Tech
    Vitor George (@vitor_george)

    OpenStreetMap data can benefit urban planning, but accessing it can be challenging. I will present a new tool that reduces friction by tracking daily-updated city-level OSM data in a git repository. This service processes daily diffs of predefined OSM presets (schools, hospitals, cycling infrastructure, etc.) and pushes GeoJSON files to a git repository. This makes OSM data accessible directly or via third-party apps. In my talk, we will discuss the tool and its workflow and compare it to other ways OSM data is distributed.

  • The state of OSMCha

    Saturday, June 10, 2023, 1:30 PM ET
    Learning Commons 1201 - Tools & Data
    Wille Marcel (@_wille)

    OSMCha is one of the main validation tools for OpenStreetMap. It allows users to search and visualize OSM changesets, get quality alerts, and review data. OSMCha was created as an open-source software project in the spare time of a single developer. Then Mapbox supported its development and hosting, essential to turning it into a vital part of the OSM software ecosystem. In 2023, OSMCha was accepted as an OpenStreetMap US charter project. This partnership will provide the structure to raise funds for development and hosting. It will also open the possibility for the entire OSM community to influence the future of OSMCha. This talk will be an opportunity to reflect on the value provided by OSMCha and outline our plans for its future. We will also share more about how the entire OSM community can contribute and help make it a yet better tool.

  • A Vision for QA in OSM

    Saturday, June 10, 2023, 1:45 PM ET
    Learning Commons 1201 - Tools & Data
    Sanjay Bhangar (@sanjaybhangar)

    Seven years ago, I gave a talk entitled "Validating the Map" at SOTM-US, which discussed the increasing interest in validation & QA tools. Fast forward to today. Where are we going with these processes & questions? Does the future of OSM data usage involve "QA Approved" datasets provided by organizations? Should we build a framework for collaboration around data validation in OSM in the open, explore blue sky ideas for using machine learning, & learn from other open data projects like Wikipedia? Data validation & QA processes must move into "the open" & involve community involvement & shared goals. I will revisit the themes & issues brought up in 2016 but with a fresh perspective on what we have accomplished & where we go next.

  • OSM Teams 2.0 - Organized Editing & Community Management

    Saturday, June 10, 2023, 3:00 PM ET
    Learning Commons 2104 - General
    Marc Farra (@kamicut)

    Mapping in OSM is rooted in community. We have been working closely with the YouthMappers community over the past year to help them organize diverse groups of mappers worldwide. With this collaboration, we have expanded on OSM Teams' vision to become a central place for groups of mappers in OpenStreetMap. OSM Teams allows you to connect various applications like Tasking Manager, OSMCha, and iD to an API, allowing you to manage your groups in a single place and synchronize them across the OSM application ecosystem. OSM Teams can be useful to mapping teams by acting as a social glue API layer for all OSM tools. We will present the newest updates to OSM Teams, including a UI refresh, more granular privacy controls, and various new features to manage and organize teams of mappers.

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