Welcome Jotham, cloud engineer to the team!


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We’re delighted to welcome Jotham as cloud engineer! His focus is on composing solutions for environmental and industrial challenges using digital technology. Jotham enjoys collaboration with stakeholders and peers, and delivers solutions with empathy and pragmatism.

Jotham is currently operating in cloud engineering, machine learning, and project management capacities in partnership with the NASA IMPACT team. Much of his work thus far is geared towards improving system performance and enabling frontend capabilities like pdf generation and export. Adopting a leadership role, Jotham advocates consistently for better engineering practices.

Prior to joining Development Seed, Jotham built application, machine learning, and computer vision services for infrastructure and environmental systems. He has authored libraries for geostatistical methods and forestry growth and yield simulation, and produced workflow tools for reinsurance portfolio risk assessment.

In his free time, Jotham can be found practicing yoga, ski mountaineering, hunting, and fly fishing. In addition to being a cloud engineer, Jotham is a helicopter pilot.

Join me in welcoming Jotham to the team! 👋


Jotham ski-mountaineering in BC/Alaska.

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