Welcome Heidi, Lead Product Designer!


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We’re thrilled to welcome Heidi as Lead Product Designer to the team!

While also designing products, Heidi strives to create an environment where designers at Development Seed can thrive. She is enthusiastic about the intersection of design and geospatial, in particular the coordination of designers, engineers, geographers, cartographers, and members of other disciplines coming together to tackle complex social and environmental challenges.

Heidi has taken on a leadership role to facilitate and conduct mentorship amongst the design team. She promotes greater design collaboration through sharing and documentation across projects. In addition to taking on a leadership role, Heidi contributes as a designer for multiple projects in partnership with the NASA IMPACT team.

Heidi views design as an intentional act of finding and addressing all kinds of problems, big and small, which is why she avoids fitting into a single subcategory of “design”. She has previously worked in product design, service design, and taught systems thinking to industrial design students.

Outside of work, Heidi runs marathons. Her most memorable race so far is the Totem to Totem Marathon in Haida Gwaii.

Join me in welcoming Heidi to the team! 👋

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Heidi learning to use a CNC machine.

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