Welcome Edward, cloud engineer, to the team!


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I’m so excited to welcome Edward to the Devseed team! Edward is a cloud engineer who brings a user-focused approach to his work and has a keen interest in optimizing workflows through the use of targeted automation. He aims to build empathy with end users through a conversational and iterative approach, and believes that the combination of a client’s domain expertise and our team’s software development mindset can yield incredible results.

Earth data users rely on being able to access datasets through a single data provider such as NASA. Often these Earth data users and their use cases can only be served when NASA’s vast archives of Earth data are complimented with high-resolution commercial data such as what Planet provides. Ed will be contributing to NASA’s Commercial Satellite Data Acquisition Program (CSDAP) which supports NASA Earth data users with access to high-value commercial datasets from entities such as Planet and Spire.

Prior to joining Development Seed, Edward worked as the VP Engineering at Curv Health, a health-tech startup enabling remote and asynchronous paramedical care through the use of computer vision. He has worked in both leadership and individual contributor roles in a number of startups, client-service agencies and non-profits throughout his career and enjoys swinging back and forth on the engineer/manager pendulum.

Edward received a BFA in New Media from Ryerson University, where he achieved minor Internet notoriety for a wearable interactive art piece in which participants played a game of Pong by slow dancing with each other. He occasionally makes art, but focuses primarily on raising two young children with his wonderful partner (an actual Architect and the reason he can only talk about software architecture in hushed tones and with many a sideways glance) and learning to maintain a 200-year old house on the East Coast of Canada.

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Join me in welcoming Edward to the team!

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