Welcome Oliver, software engineer, to the team!


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I’m thrilled to welcome Oliver to the DevSeed team! Oliver is a software engineer who is passionate about crafting user-focused software that solves real problems. He is already providing thoughtful contributions to our Building Resilience Index project with the International Finance Corporation. With a meticulous approach to user centric web development, Oliver will engineer risk mapping and mitigation tools to help construction developers assess and prepare for climate change related risks. He will also contribute extensive mapping experience as we continue to build out our AI assisted land use and land cover mapping platform with Microsoft.

Oliver comes from a Geography background and has ten years of experience in software development. He builds web applications that help people create and understand geographic data. Prior to joining Development Seed, Oliver worked in academia and the non-profit sector. He built tools to document and report on land and property rights of marginalized people, support community and participatory mapping, and analyze and visualize crowd-sourced geographic information.

When he’s not building web applications, Oliver enjoys exploring hiking trails in southern England and supporting the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (although there’s rarely much to celebrate). For a relaxing weekend, he enjoys baking the perfect rye sourdough bread while listening to MF Doom records.

Say hi 👋 to Oliver on Twitter and welcome him to the team!

Oliver in front of Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand

Oliver having a proud moment in front of Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand

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