Welcome Tammo, javascript engineer, to the team!


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I’m excited to welcome Tammo to the DevSeed team! Tammo is a frontend engineer who is passionate about expressing complex relationships through beautiful systems. He is currently spinning up tools to support scientists’ search and discovery of AI and ML activities across NASA. We’re already benefiting from his eye for systems architecture and look forward to seeing his thoughtful development approaches applied to more of our projects.

Prior to Development Seed, Tammo worked as a full-stack web developer creating various data-exploration tools, a children’s painting application, and a time-series forecasting tool. Tammo is passionate about all things food from growing and harvesting, cooking and eating with like minded foodies. When he isn’t busy cooking delicious meals or wrangling browsers, he helps build systems for small-scale permaculture farming.

Outside of work, you can find Tammo keeping a cool head while climbing and kayaking in Cape Cod, and pushing his physical capabilities by practicing handstand presses and enduring daily freezing showers.

Tammo rock climbing Cannon Cliff in New Hampshire

Join me in welcoming Tammo to the team! 👋

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