Welcome Mr. Ingalls!


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We are thrilled to bring Nick Ingalls on to our Map Data team! He is a stellar geospatial engineer focused on geospatial data and solutions. He has extensive experience building scalable geospatial pipelines ranging from data sourcing, to building reliable and tested data pipelines, to designing and implementing performant REST endpoints, to algorithms. He’s helping our team build out and operationalize our robust machine learning inference pipelines and increase the ease and speed at which we can inference with and deploy models.

He previously worked with our friends at Mapbox , and was the first full-time search engineer on their team. He designed and built many of the core systems and architecture that powers the Mapbox Search API today.

Currently based in Bishop, CA, when Nick is not working, you can find him outdoors and in the wilderness. He’s an avid rock climber, whitewater kayaker, and outdoor guide. He’s also a big fan of Halloween.

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