Black Lives Matter


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Black Lives Matter. George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis Police is infuriating. Consistent disregard for Black and Brown lives by police in the United States is intolerable. Justifiably raised voices around the world are demanding an end to racial injustice in policing. We stand with the protesters and their demand for justice and action.

Suppression of protesters — of their freedom to speech and assembly — by our police and military, shakes the very foundation of our national ideals. In our hometown of Washington, DC, the suppression of legitimate dissent highlights the need for DC to gain Statehood, in order to protect its citizens from incursions by the Federal government.

Ours is not the most important voice right now. We are here in solidarity. Development Seed is donating to social justice and empowerment organizations through direct contributions, and by matching employee contributions to causes that actively work for a more just, tolerant, and equitable society.

Systemic problems require systemic changes. We all have a responsibility to dismantle racist systems and rebuild just ones. We are having hard conversations about our own policies and privilege and how we can do better. As we listen, learn, and grow, we commit to sharing our own journey so that we may continue to learn together.

In solidarity, Development Seed

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