Welcome Jeevan Farias


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We’re lucky to announce that Jeevan Farias has joined the team at Development Seed! Jeevan is joining as a JavaScript engineer, and with his background supporting research in urban studies, journalism, and natural science, will strengthen the data analysis and visualization capabilities of the team.

Initially, Jeevan will build tools for visualizing dense vector data and satellite imagery together to allow scientists and engineer to better create and debug on data processing algorithms.

Jeevan previously worked at organizations like SITU Research and the Center for Spatial Research building a peer-to-peer system for securely sharing data from sensors, mapping endangered languages of Queens, N.Y., and other projects focused on spatial analysis, inequality, and injustice.

We’ve always needed a trumpet player on the team, and Jeevan is finally here. His skills go beyond working with code & data to include music, 3d modeling, and fabrication.

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Say hello and welcome to Jeevan on GitHub and Twitter!

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