Welcome Necoline, who helps us build impactful data products


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I’m delighted to welcome Necoline Hubner to the Development Seed Team. Necoline designs and builds impactful data products. Prior to her work at Development Seed, Necoline built mobile web tools for aid workers in refugee camps. She’s jumped right into some of our biggest projects, including helping the International Federation of the Red Cross rework how it manages disaster response data and building tools for agronomic data scientists to explore and experiment with massive satellite and field data.

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Necoline teaches refugees in Kakuma, Kenya how to code and builds tools to help them continue their education offline. Necoline has an M.S. in international affairs and global enterprise from the University of Utah.

Do you want to work with Necoline to build impactful data products? We are currently seeking a UI Engineer and several other engineering, design, and management positions — make sure to check out our careers page. And say hey to Necoline on Twitter 👋🏼

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