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Join a dynamic team of driven designers, developers, and strategists

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We are a lean, hungry team that builds impactful software and draws powerful insights from complex data. We are a passionate group of artists, rocket scientists, teachers, and public health researchers with some crazy stories to tell. We are looking for team members who constantly seek the better way of doing things and who don’t ask permission to do it. Nearly everyone at Development Seed is a builder with some blend of design and engineering skills. The best way to get our attention is to show us something that you’ve built.

We are currently hiring for these full time positions:

We punch well above our weight because of how we work. We focus on what matters. We use ‘commander’s intent’ and a readme-driven development. We are Getting Things Done fast and effectively by discerning what’s actionable, prioritizing what’s most relevant and working in tight collaboration with each other as well as our clients. We communicate through concise daily scrums and through GitHub as our central channel. And we have fun while we are at it.

If the positions above aren’t a perfect fit, get in touch anyway. We are always looking to talk with people who would be a great fit for the team. Some general qualities that we’re looking for are:

  • Self-motivated You’ll be surrounded by teammates that take commander’s intent and run with it. You determine what needs to happen to get the job done.
  • Inquisitive You ask good questions and get to the heart of a problem.
  • Excited You’re excited about the web, particularly how the representation of information on screens can inform people’s decisions.
  • Driven - You’re curious and hungry to learn new subjects and skills.

To get in touch with us, send a cover letter, resume, and examples of your work to [email protected]