See you in Minneapolis for State of the Map US


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Marc and Seth are headed to Minneapolis for State of the Map US this weekend. We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on and discuss new innovative approaches to open mapping and the future of OpenStreetMap with the communities in the US and around the world.

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Over the years, we have taken to State of the Map US to demonstrate different components of our approach to using OSM-as-infrastructure to solve problems. This year, we’re unboxing our complete stack of open-source tools for setting up mapping workflows at any level:

  • Teams collaborative team features for OSM users
  • Observe cross-platform mobile application for field data collection
  • Scoreboard providing feedback to mapping teams by visualizing activity and rewarding contributions
  • **OSM Seed:** containerized ecosystem of OSM tools

These products will upgrade your mapping toolbox from collection to analysis. Our partners collect, validate, store, and analyze geospatial data at different scales. That data sometimes fits into the purpose and schema of public OSM, but occasionally that data must remain private and requires custom presets and features. In other cases, organizations that regularly make public contributions to the map still need a way of directing their members specifically towards institutional priorities and areas of expertise. Marc and Seth will dive into how you can address this both privately and publicly.

The team will be around Thursday through Sunday. Catch Marc talking about OSM Powerups, OSM Teams, and don’t miss Seth’s field mapping workshop using Observe. You can follow along on Twitter and ping Marc and Seth with questions or if you want to say hi over coffee and/or pizza 👋🏻☕️🍕

Minneapolis: September 6–8

  • Friday, September 6 @ 1:00pm in Ski-U-Mah — OSM powerups, ****Marc Farra, Seth Vincent
  • Friday, September 6 @ 2:20pm in Johnson — Teams! Teams! Teams!, ****Marc Farra
  • Sunday, September 8 @ 11:00am in Minnesota — Observe workshop, Seth Vincent

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