Welcome Sanjay to the team


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I’m delighted to welcome Sanjay Bhangar to Development Seed. Sanjay will continue his work to improve OpenStreetMap tools to support mapping teams worldwide, including ours. He will help us think about new mapping workflows, and how existing tools need to adapt to the changing needs of our partners and data landscape. Sanjay’s first project will be containersing OpenStreetMap software for spinning up mapping campaigns with a special focus on building machine learning training data, like what we did in our electricity grid project.

Sanjay brings over a decade of experience around geospatial tools and web development. He’s a co-founder of CAMP, an arts space in Mumbai, and for many years collaborated on pad.ma, an open source video archive. Previously, he helped build mapping and data tools at Mapbox. I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue building great OpenStreetMap tools and infrastructure with him. Sanjay is based in Mumbai.

Welcome to the team, Sanjay!

Sanjay at the OpenDataCamp, Bangalore, 2015. Sanjay at the OpenDataCamp, Bangalore, 2015.

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