Finding Your Way to Vote


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We’ve updated with the polling center locations for Presidential runoff election on this weekend. If you are in Afghanistan on June 14th you can use this tool to find your nearest polling station. We used the final list of 6272 polling centers that the Independent Election Commission (IEC) released on June 6.

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Afghan voters can vote at any polling center for these elections. During April 5 elections this led to wide disparities in volume of voters. Some polling centers were so busy that they ran out of ballots while others turned in no votes whatsoever. The IEC has taken significant steps to reduce ballot shortages for Saturday’s elections. Still we think it is important for Afghan citizens to easily find the closest polling station and, if necessary, the second closest.

This tool uses open election data and provides it in a format that makes it easy for Afghan voters navigate to the polls. Over the next few days we will add some features to make it easier to report polling stations that are closed or that have inaccurate information.

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