Week in DC Tech: December 3


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Before the holiday party season gets completely underway, take advantage of your free time and check out some of the technology events happening in the city. This week there is a ton going on with meetups on everything from mapping personal data to productizing open datasets to analyzing design to improve the user experience, happy hours for ICT professionals, developer get togethers, and entrepreneur sessions. Below is a roundup of events happening this week. Check back weekly for our local technology roundup.

Monday, December 3

6:30 pm

Action Design DC : User behavior is crucial in almost any field, and a focal point for many people’s work. This meetup will bring together people working in analyzing and improving user experience on the UX, data, and behavioral sides to share experiences and lessons learned.

Tuesday, December 4

7:00 pm

DC Python Meetup : Interested in learning more about Python, seeing examples of it in use, or talking with other developers? Then come out to this meetup held at the Science Club.

Wednesday, December 5

6:00–9:00 pm

ICT4Drinks : Come out for this happy hour with folks working in international development and technology, and this month specifically around the issue of mHealth — the use of cell phones in healthcare services.

6:30 pm

Data Business DC : For its second meetup, the group will look at how companies are taking open data around politics, health, and public transit and building for profits tools and services around them. A representative from the city of Baltimore will talk about how and why the city opens its data and the advantages of this secondary market.

Tech Cocktail Session : When you start a business, one of — if not the — most important piece is growing your team. This event will bring out several entrepreneurs who have successfully done this to share their tips around building a team, implementing team culture, and turning an idea into something backed by a workforce.

7:00 pm

GeoDC Meetup : This meetup will look at ways that people are mapping data collected in their day to day life and the tools they’re using to do this. Come out to hear how people are mapping their training for a marathon, their travel, and votes of people in general. As usual, there will be lots of time after the presentations for conversations with the community.

Saturday, December 8

10:15 am — 4:30 pm

Fosterly’s Open Study Hall : Open Study Hall is your chance to sit down with entrepreneurs at all levels in the product development cycle, pick their brains, share your ideas and experiences, and more than anything collaborate and feed of each others energy. Bring your laptop and your questions.

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