Open Source Mapping in Ukraine


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Tech Camp Kyiv kicked off this morning, and I’m here leading hands on trainings of our open source mapping tools at MapBox. These technologies are making it easier for organizations to use maps and data to understand problems and advocate for change. At similar trainings we’ve worked with local organizations to map the Roma population in Romania and education data in Peru, and I’m looking forward to seeing what data we map working with Ukrainian organizations.

Today and tomorrow I’m leading trainings on how to approach data and make custom maps with it and TileMill, including techniques for preparing data for mapping and getting the end result online, which is critical for enhancing the way organizations communicate and share data and results.

On Friday afternoon, we’re hosting an introductory OpenStreetMap workshop as a follow up event to Tech Camp Kyiv. We’ll start with the basics of what OpenStreetMap is and how it can be used, and then dive into how to contribute and add local knowledge and how to use Java OpenStreetMap, the offline OSM editor. We’ll also cover using and GPS and field papers for on the ground data collection. Throughout the workshop, we’ll work with the local map in Kyiv, and also look at other regions of Ukraine.

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Mexico City OpenStreetMap workshop in August 2012

The workshop will be held at the IREX office on Saksaganskogo Street from 1:00–5:00 pm on Friday, September 14, and is open to everyone, so even if you’re not attending Tech Camp, consider joining us for the workshop. And we’d love to see anyone from the OpenStreetMap community in Kyiv join us and help train! The training will be in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. RSVP to join, and send any questions or ideas to me at @nas_smith on Twitter.

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