Week in DC Tech: March 19th


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Want to meet other developers using node.js or MongoDB, hear short stories from journalists and others about their work, or get advice straight from entrepreneurs who “made it”? Then check out the tech events happening this week in Washington, DC. Our roundup is below, and a full calendar is available at DC Tech Events.

Monday, March 19

7:00 pm

NodeDC Meetup : Come out for two talks on using node.js to visualize data — one on solving the problem of analyzing road density data with redis, d3, sqlite, and polymaps, and one on turning Capital Bikeshare data into a scoreboard of fastest point-to-point trips using the Persevere API.

Tuesday, March 20

6:30 pm

DC Lean Startup Circle : This meetup on “Lessons Learned the Hard Way” will have the founders of CareerBuilder and Evite sharing stories and advice gleamed from the trenches of startups to help others avoid mistakes they made.

Wednesday, March 21

6:30 pm

ONA DC : This month NPR is hosting the online news association meetup, which will feature five minute lightning talks on how journalists are using online technology in their reporting.

6:30 pm

MongoDC Meetup : Want to learn more about MongoDB and meet folks using it? Check out this meetup. There will also be a presentation on the new MongoDB Aggregation Framework.

Thursday, March 22

6:00–11:00 pm

IgniteDC #9 : 16 artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and philosophers will talk for five minutes using 20 slides on topics like Syria, Super PACs, DJs, and “Sh*t We All Say” at this event. Come out to hear their stories.

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