Week in DC Tech: October 3rd Edition


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Want to learn more about the geographical history of beers, what the government is going to update their use of technology, or how to play the accordian? Then check out some of the technology events happening this week in Washington, DC. Our roundup is below, and you can see the full calendar at DC Tech Events.

Monday, October 3

New Media Meetup : Interested in design principles for mobile application? This meetup will feature a discussion on this and how design can help you work smarter.

Tuesday, October 4

DC Tech Meeutp : Always one of the largest technology events, this month’s DC Tech Meetup should be particularly interesting with its focus on politics, advocacy, and government.

Wednesday, October 5

Geo DC Meetup : In celebration of Oktoberfest, a local geographer will walk through the history of American breweries and how the beers have spread around the world.

Saturday, October 8

Nerd Nite : Want to learn something on your Saturday night? Check out Nerd Nite for presentations on accordions, cryptographers, and meritocracy over a few beers and some live music.

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