Designing Transit Maps with TileMill at Transit Hack Day


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Today is Transit Hack Day, an event aimed to bring together transit application developers, designers, and others interested in improving how the public uses transportation. I’ll be there to present on TileMill, our open source tool for designing custom maps with any data set. Specifically, I’ll discuss how to use TileMill with road data from OpenStreetMap and additional transit data from sources like WMATA and local governments to make transportation maps. I’ll also walk through how to make maps like this one of the DC metro made with OpenStreetMap data and shapefiles available on the DC government GIS data catalog.

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Additionally I’ll talk about some of the outcomes from Open Data Meetup Peru that relate to transit, and open data work we’re doing in Ayacucho, Peru with OpenStreetMap and the local bus transit system.

Transit Hack Day is co-sponsored by OpenPlans and Greater Greater Washington. It’s open to the public, and you can sign up for it on Eventbrite and learn more about the event on the Transit Hack Day wiki.

If you’d like to learn more about TileMill, our map hosting service TileStream, or anything else map related, come find Eric or me.

Updated: Here are my slides from the presentation.

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