Week in DC Tech: July 11th Edition


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There’s nothing like starting the week with a heat wave. Luckily, there are lots of interesting technology events happening to break up your evening commute and take your mind off the weather. Below is our roundup of tech events happening in the city this week, and you can find a full calendar at DC Tech Events.

Tuesday, July 12

5:30 pm

Startup Founders Open Coffee : Proudly Made in DC is hosting this coffee gathering to bring together the founders of local tech start ups to discuss their experiences and challenges in growing a business here in Washington, DC. Sound like you? Check it out.

7:00 pm

DC Tech Meetup : This month, in what’s become one of the largest regular technology meetups in the city, DC Tech will focus on sports, entertainment, and media, with talks from an angel investor, a panel on tech in media, and demos on tools like Washington Post’s Labs’ Trove, LeagueApps, and MyChef. Come out for the talks and to meet some new people working in technology. Rescheduled from last Tuesday

Wednesday, July 13

6:00 pm

Global Development Matters Movie Night : Come out for this viewing of The Redemption of General Butt Naked, a film about the evolution of Joshua Milton Blahyi from a evangelist preacher to a Liberian warlord known for using child soldiers (and fighting wearing only his boots and AK-47).

Thursday, July 14

5:00 pm

Online Activism after #ArabSpring : What’s Next? : This month’s ICT for Development event will feature a panel discussion on what’s next for online activism after the success of its use in the “Arab Spring” uprisings, followed by a happy hour at Circle Bistro.

7:00 pm

ONA’s Huffington Post Roof Party : The Huffington Post’s DC team, covering politics, business, labor, and defense, invite online news folks to join them on their roof deck to talk over drinks.

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