OpenGovDC Conference: Coming this June


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The agenda for this summer’s OpenGovDC Conference is now live! This one day intensive gathering, taking place on June 14 in Washington, DC, will bring together people who have had real success using open source technology to open up government for an honest discussion about what works and what doesn’t. Hosting in partnership with our friends at Phase 2 Technology, our goal is to help spark collaboration and share knowledge about how open source tools can make government websites more usable, collaborative, and valuable to the public. You can register here.

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We’re excited to have Steven VanRoekel, the managing director of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), keynote this event. Just recently the FCC relaunched leveraging open source projects, and rethinking and refactoring 10 years of previous web design and strategy. Steve will help set the tone for OpenGovDC, using his experience at the FCC to talk about how open source has helped with the Open Government Initiative and what role should it play in government IT portfolios.

We’re also looking forward to hearing how government agencies are using maps to help visualize and coordinate around their work. We will show the latest developments with MapBox, our suite of open source mapping tools that we relaunched launched last week as well as our recent work Node.js work creating high-speed data portals. The MapBox applications TileMill and TileStream have already been used by government agencies to help make their open data more actionable. One recent example is the Department of Education’s broadband and schools map, which leverages data opened up by the FCC and NTIA, and which Bonnie recently blogged about at the PBS Idea Lab.

We’ll also talk about Node.js, a relatively new open source framework that can powerful data heavy websites incredibly quickly, which can have many applications in government sites. TileMill and TileStream, as well as many of our data visualization projects like and, are built on Node.js.

The full schedule for the OpenGovDC Conference is now available. We’re actively recruiting speakers from government agencies to lead these panels, and we’ll update the site with this information shortly.

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